Dive in Maldives on a budget!!

One of the most rewarding trips I have done and I get asked most questions about my five day scuba diving trip to the Maldives.

I did three dives a day which included equipment, breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation all for under US$500!!!

Maafushi Island


Maafushi Island is a relatively small island made up of mostly guest houses, where tourists can stay at very affordable prices in comparison to the luxury resorts around Maldives. It is absolutely perfect to stay here if you are looking to come to Maldives for scuba diving, snorkelling, etc.. The island is 1/2 a km wide and 2km long and you can find accommodation from US$30-$50 a night including food. Obviously prices will go up around summer so this is the prices I have found on http://www.booking.com in August 2017.


It is monsoon season between November-April. I went in mid October and it was perfect weather. Don’t let monsoon season defer you from going as it will literally shower for 30 minutes of the day and then back to sunshine!

padiI have my PADI advanced open water licence and for those of you who do not dive you can learn in the dive shop here. I have dived in a lot of places and I can say with confidence that Maldives is by far the best dive spot I have been to, if you want to snorkel it is a perfect location.


The dive shop I was dealing with is https://www.facebook.com/pg/MaafushiScuba 

 It is run by locals on the island who are the nicest and funniest guys you will meet!! On my last night they went night fishing and made a big bbq with all the catches and played Bob Marley on the beach it was bliss!!

How to get there cheaply!! 

Firstly if you are going for five days there is no need to bring a suitcase just bring carry on as you’ll be in a bikini for the week!!

Get a speedboat outside the airport to Male city US$2 which takes three minutes as the airport is on a separate island, then their will be taxis lined off as you get off the speedboat and US$2 for 15min journey to the pier at the other end of Male. When you get to the pier you have 1hr wait for the local boat to bring you to Maafushi island and it costs US$5. The boat takes 1.30min and mostly locals take the boat with the food etc they are bringing to the island. If you don’t want the hassle of all of this you can try to organise a private speedboat but they are quite a bit pricey, if I can remember correctly it was like US$50-$100 one way.


You will be picked up by the guesthouse you are staying in and they will bring you and your luggage to the reception.

Being honest if you are not planning on going for diving, they have one beach which is beautiful you can see in my pictures, but being a small island you could get bored. It is absolutely perfect for diving as you go out on the boat at 9am for two dives, then return for lunch and then back out for an afternoon dive. By the time you get home in the evening you have your dinner, look over the photos and are exhausted!! Being a island of muslim religion, they do not have alcohol on the island but they have a boat the will bring you out to a bar boat which is literally 50meters off the shore that has alcohol so its not a problem!!!


I went on my own and I really have never met more welcoming and kind people. I stayed in Summer Villa guest house  and I had three meals a day which I could literally not finish they were such big portions. They vary the food each day, the rooms are lovely and the family who run the guesthouse are very nice people 🙂


Luckily the people on the island I made friends with organised a 12 person local speedboat to bring me back directly to the airport for US$25, which takes 30min, but its usually for locals so I guess they will see if they have space on the day if you ask who you are staying with!


The Scubadiving

The marine life and reefs we visit are absolutely breathtaking!! Common sea life you will see are Sharks (not dangerous ones) Manta Rays, Eagle rays, Turtles, Dolphins and all kinds of fish you can think of!! The instructors in the dive shop are very experienced and have all the latest equipment and a perfect dive boat!!


I literally sound like I am trying to sell this place to you but I gave it a 10/10 trip, it has been one of my best memories so far and I would really recommend it!!!


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