Magical Iceland

❤ Iceland ❤ 

⭐ Before reading this I will let you know this is how we did Iceland on the cheap, so if you are willing to pay €250 a night on accommodation then this will be no use to you!! ⭐

My friend who I went with had a Mavic DJI and Lumix GH5 enabling us to shoot and put together an amazing video of the trip, have a look in the video above!! 


How I ended up road tripping in Iceland turned out to be so last minute and random!! 😛


We booked for five days in Maldives, but on the evening of the departure we checked the weather and it was to be thunderstorms for the entire week, so we looked on the map and on a whim jumped on a flight from Dubai to Frankfurt. We had a five hour stopover in Frankfurt and then flew with Icelandair to Reykjavík. It was so last minute, we were googling what to do when we were on the flight over!!

Iceland horses 2

It is the most beautiful, magical place ever. Everything you visit is more beautiful than what you have just seen. It is so untouched, 330,000 people live in Iceland, and 1/3rd of the people live in the main city Reykjavik, so you can imagine how rural and untouched the rest of the island is.


They have one main road going around the island which you stay on most of the time, but before you go, download offline maps and pin each place to go to. We did 5 days in total and we got to see everything, but if you really want to take your time at each place it would probably be advisable to allow yourself 7-8 days.

Chair waterfall

What we did wrong! 

Firstly if your doing a road trip in Iceland, HIRE a camper van!!! They have all the facilities around the island for them, and you will not be able to justify the price of eating in restaurants twice a day so having a little kitchen area will go a long way! Also trying to plan each day what part of the island you have reached is really limiting yourself as to how much exploring you can do, and you will have to stick to a very well thought out plan. This means that at times you are only spending a few minutes at some of the natural wonders and you are not appreciating, or taking in what you are seeing because you’ll be stressing about how much more driving you’ve to do before you reach the next hotel etc.

The prices are madness!! 

Another reason to hire a camper van is the prices of hotels and even hostels!!! Honestly you would think you are staying in Monaco or similar!! Each morning we booked a hostel that would be about four hours away, because we guestamated thats how much driving we needed to do each day including sightseeing to get around the island. So each morning we would go on air bnb or and book somewhere around 4 hours from us. A hostel with a private room, shared bathroom cost between €100-€150 a night and this is literally for the most basic bedroom you will see!! o_O  Its fine though because you don’t arrive there till like 11pm and your up and out at 7am so its just to sleep!



Like I said if this is a trip you are planning for a long time you will not mind paying, but we were trying to do it on a budget!!





How to do it on the cheap!! 

We only realised how expensive it was there when we went to KFC on the first day and spend like €45 on 2 meals!! So we ended up every morning going to the supermarket and spending around €30 on a loaf of bread, tomatos, cheese, juice, biscuits, deli for himself and maybe one or two other random little bits!

Another suggestion is buy a big water bottle at the start and you can just refil it with tapwater anywhere, as the water is the most fresh water you will have!! Buy a jar of coffee in the supermarket and a small carton of milk, and go into the petrol station and ask for hot water in a cup. They usually wont charge you and this really helps because you will need coffee for all the driving and each coffee in a shop costs between €5-7 so it all adds up!! We sound like knackers I know but it ended up being all part of the experience and you wouldn’t even want to sit inside in a restaurant, because instead you can park up and have a picnic with literally a desktop screensaver as your view!!! 😎

Whale watching


PGH53351 copy


There is a few different parts of the island you can do whale watching in and it costs around €100 each for 3 hours, it is well worth the money, however they are wild animals so it is the luck of the day how close they will come to you etc. We went North of the island in Húsavík. 




The volcanic activities underneath the surface means Iceland has a lot of geysers, underground springs and thermal pools are scattered all around the country. To see a powerful hot stream shooting from the ground is exciting to see. Beware of the smell from them, it is a very very strong smell of eggs and smelly socks mixed!! :mrgreen:



United States Plane wreck 

Plane 1In 1973 a United States Navy Douglas Super DC-3 airplane was forced to land on Sólheimasandur’s black sand beach in the south of Iceland after experiencing some severe icing. 😦

Luckily all crew members survived the crash, but the airplane’s fuselage was abandoned. You need to walk approx 3km to reach the site from the car park, and it is well worth seeing. It looks like a scene out of some post-apocalyptic zombie movie!




So sad to see the Glaciers melting, it was 16degrees here the sun was beaming down!!


It is such a beautiful place to visit and you will not find better scenery, it really is a once in a lifetime trip!!



horse 1

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  1. This is Brilliant. Great tips.


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